3 Positive Effects of Meditation

Being in a place of peace is a state you may only dream of. The demands of work and family typically pound through your head at all hours of the day and night, making it impossible to find even a single moment of total disconnect and downtime. The effects of stress and overthinking can age your brain and your body over time. Meditation has been shown to help slow the body and heal the mind. Check out three of the benefits a meditation practice may have.

  1. Keep Anxiety at a Minimum

Meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety through deliberate and guided breathing practices. Much of meditation has to do with the way your brain and breath connect and slow each other down. Your brain races from one thought to the next, making your heart pump faster and giving you that knot in your stomach. Being able to control the pace of your breathing through meditation can reduce your blood pressure and pulse. Advances in psychiatry in neuroscience have shown this works.

  1. Make You More Aware

Taking time every day to connect with yourself internally is something that can radically improve your self-awareness. By looking inward at thoughts and feelings that float in and out of your head at any time can help you establish patterns. For instance, when do you feel down? Is it due to a person or an environment? Being able to identify triggers to your negative thinking may help you to avoid those toxic places.

  1. Help You Sleep Better

If your mind races, it is affecting your sleep patterns. Whether it is due to stress or a combination of things, studies done by psychiatry,in,neuroscience show not getting the proper amount of sleep can affect your mental and physical state in negative ways. Meditation can help clear your mind of the thoughts and feelings that plague it allowing you to sleep better.

Connecting with yourself can make all the difference in today’s world. Taking up a meditation practice that works for you can have a profound impact on your overall health.