The Best CBD Oil Home Remedies




    CBD oil gets more and more attention in the media with each passing year, for its effectiveness in treating certain illnesses, as well as its viability as a diet supplement for anybody and everybody. While seizures, parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and many more diseases have been proven to be substantially relieved when treated with CBD oil, you don’t have to suffer from any of these to feel the benefits of CBD for yourself. Even the healthiest of people could still stand to benefit from CBD in some way, since it affects the human body in such diverse ways. I was always skeptical of this myself, until even my mom started using it as a last resort for the treatment of really bad eczema that she’s had all her life on her legs. Within a month of mixing some CBD oil and THC oil into her skin creams, the eczema had subsided to a point that she’d never seen. On top of this, multiple friends of mine began to use CBD oil for things such as anxiety or depression and experienced some very profound changes in their mental wellbeing as well. Placebo or not, here’s a couple of the best CBD oil home remedies that I’ve heard of, which might surprise a few people.

Acne Care


That’s right, CBD can even be beneficial in keeping acne at bay. Before you google it and find some fancy cream in all your excitement, let me tell you that you really don’t need to waste your money on the best CBD oil skincare cream you can find on Amazon. While it might actually work well, it’s highly likely that it’s overpriced simply for having CBD in it. It’s much more cost effective to just purchase a potent and pure CBD tincture and mix it into your own regular facial creams. You can also use a normal moisturizer, CBD oil, and essential oils such as tea tree or peppermint to spot treat particularly annoying pimples.


Sore Muscles


If you love a good workout, but hate how sore your muscles get the next day, let me tell you how to make the best CBD oil muscle reliever. It’s simple. Purchase Tiger Balm, or a similar muscle pain relief product with menthol in it, and add a few drops of pure CBD oil. Rub vigorously into sore spots, and thank me later!