Yoga For Eye Health

Yoga is a sport and popular physical and mental therapy because this activity can bring various benefits to us. But, have you ever imagined what the benefits of yoga are for eye health? This may be unimaginable for beginner yoga practitioners, but yoga can also be beneficial for eye health if done correctly.

eye health Moreover, for those who live in urban areas, the eyes are members of the body that are often persecuted by pollution, road dust, and radiation from computer screens, televisions, and tablets. Not to mention excessive working hours and reduced sleep hours, which further worsens eye health.

The principle of practicing yoga is combining muscle training and stretching with breathing techniques, and the same principle can also be applied to exercises for eye health. At present, you can find various tips for doing eye yoga.

Each series of these movements varies, but the principle is to train the eyes that are too tired to come back fresh. Eye yoga can be done at home, office, public place, or anywhere you can. The important thing is, during doing so, you should be able to feel comfortable and ensure that your eyes stay away from the computer screen and so on for a while. When you do it at home, you can apply eye cream first, and end the yoga eye by lying down.

First of all, you should sit with your back straight, either on a backrest or cross on the floor with your back on the wall. Blink both eyes quickly for at least 50 times, and after pausing, repeat again with an increasing count.

Then, close your eyes and breathe several times before opening your eyes again, until the eyes feel fresh again. For alternatives, you can also move the eyeball up, center, right and left while holding back from blinking as long as possible in each position.

In closing, try to look at one point without winking as long as possible, and let the tears flow to clear the eyeball. During doing so, remember to regulate breathing as if you were doing yoga, and before and after eye yoga is complete.